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Underfitted Social Club

A community of people passionate about machine learning.

Our mission is to decentralize the machine learning field, enabling individuals to contribute, make an impact, and directly benefit from their contributions.

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Achieving our mission

We have 3 fundamental believes:

  1. Machine learning education should be accessible to everybody.
  2. Decentralized communities are vital to empowering and amplifying individual voices.
  3. Individuals should benefit directly from their contributions regardless of credentials, affiliation, or background.

The central piece of our plan is to build a group of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) around specific projects, allowing individual members to contribute while self-governing with unparalleled levels of autonomy.

What's happening right now?

We are building our first project!

A place where people can evaluate their machine learning skills, learn, and push their careers to the next level.

Our first project

A self-governed, community-led online platform to evaluate machine learning skills.

  • Our mission is to become a trusted authority for users to learn, and gauge their understanding and experience of the field.
  • Autonomous and decentralized. Everyone contributes and decide where the project goes.
  • Built on top of bleeding edge technology, giving you an opportunity to grow.

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Governance token

A fundamental piece of our vision is a system to financially reward members proportionally to their contributions to the community.

We are also working on this.

Our plan is to use a crypto token as the central piece of this system.

To increase the value of this token over time, we are planning to offer to the public different services built by the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't have all the answers, but we do have some.

Why is this a DAO?

Because we want the community to be owned and governed by its members.

In a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) the members decide how the community will develop, what projects should be built and how the proceeds will be distributed.

I don't know much about machine learning. Can I still join?


Not only is this community the perfect place to get started with machine learning, but we are also looking for passionate people from different backgrounds and experiences willing to help.

I've never done anything with web3. Can I still join?

Again, yes!

We are in the early days of web3 and we are still figuring out a lot of stuff. We need people that learn together with us and help us build the community.

Do I need to pay to become a member?

You will need to own the community token in order to become a full member.

Soon, you will be able to either buy it or make a valuabe contribution to the community to earn it. More details on this soon!

Why should I join?

While we want to make most of the things we build publicly available, there will be some benefits accessible only to members.

For example private Discord channels, member-only events and possibility to earn tokens with your contributions.

How can I join?

We are still accepting founder members, and we are planning to recognize them as soon as we finish working on our ownership and governance token.

You can join by signing up on this Discord server.